Help! My music is broken... every time I listen it sounds the same!

Recorded music is not rising to the occasion of music players. Our listening devices have DSP-capable processors, internet connections and sensors -- so let's use them!

Think beyond the venerable tape transport metaphor! Bentrax lets you crossfade, pitch shift, permute and perform the music you're hearing.

When you're not actively shaping the music, Bentrax mutates on its own! Imagine an ever-shifting musical tapestry re-composed in the moment... or just a much less boring shuffle.

Remix culture is axiomatic for Bentrax. The platform runs on juxtaposition and supports permission-free borrowing -- with attribution intact.

Recorded music can be live music! Bentrax makes static recordings come alive by tapping into the unpredictability and energy inherent in the life of the listener.